Fall Winter 2021/2022 collection

Multiple style personalities that change to represent every moment we live: the true self that emerges free into the real essence of YOSONO. The unconventional brand plays with its name to become SONOYO, the anagram which highlight the importance of always being yourself, sometimes going against the tide, resonating the motto AnyMe! AnyMe, the Fall Winter 2021-2022, a play of interpretations and assonances: AnyMe as SONOYO, enhances a multifaceted femininity redefining it in the style and in the choice of their own SONOYO. AnyMe also as Japanese Anime, which SONOYO is inspired to: the animated works of the Rising Sun taken from manga stories, colorful and ironic, playful and k-pop. From green apple to the bright orange besides the unfailing blue, black, denim jeans and purple as well as nude evergreen that knows no season and fiery red for strong and dazzling choices. FW 2021-2022 colors convey all the vibes in one iconic and brand launch model: ERA. As from the beginning, ERA is innovative and dynamic, still plays and changes through covers and shoulder straps, guided by the “real me” who embrace the present moment: soft quilted and non-quilted jacket or glam glitter, teddy bear or ethereal feathers, oriental prints, optical mesh and patent leather. The prints proposed by the SONOYO team lies in the oriental ideograms through the use of graphic games and words evocating the playful world of manga facet: friends, love, family.

Choose who you want to be: AnyMe!